Darko Milevski

Skopje, Macedonia

With years of professional experience in software development industry, I have worked on many different positions and roles. Starting as a Software Developer a learned the core technical skills about writing good code, maintaining and refactoring my solutions. As I grow, I became a Senior Developer and then a Technical Team Lead and been responsible for a group of developers. I learned how to architect the solution, make it more maintainable, scalable and dividable for development by different persons. I learned how to delegate tasks, monitor them and assure high code quality. Today I work as a Product Manager and Software Architect at the same time. I'm product owner for 3 products, focusing on the features, getting feedback from customers and improving them to be the best on the market. To accomplish that I have to work with my colleagues with different skills and roles, starting with technical personnel, developers, quality assurance, deployment and operations, marketing, sales and support. I'm involved in the complete process of one product development lifecycle and I enjoy been constantly challenged with new challenges and learn new skills

I have completed many Microsoft official certifications, both for NET development and SharePoint. I’m a regular speaker at various regional Technical and Software Development conferences like MS Vizija, MS WinDays, TechDays, Collaboration Summit, CodeCamp, User Group, ...

I have been awarded with Microsoft MVP Award (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) for six years in a row, for "outstanding contributions in SharePoint Server technical communities" (2011 - 2016).


Core Technology Skills

As a Full Stack .NET Software Developer I have successfully delivered many project, working with various technologies. I was always ready to start working with new version or new framework / library in order to deliver best solution.

.NET (c#) 2, 3, 4, 4.5+ / Core 2+

ASP.NET, MVC, WebAPI, Web Services and WCF

Html & Css, JavaScript

DB: SQL / SQL Server - ORM: NHibernate, Entity Framework, Dapper

SharePoint Administration, Development, Migration

.Net Task Parallel Programming & PowerShell Scripting

Processes & Methodologies

Later in my professional career I lead a team of software engineers and qa and that required to organize their work and master all the methodologies and software development lifecycle processes

ALM/DLM and Release Management

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Kanban

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Business Analysis, Design Thinking

Design Patterns and Software Architecture

Tools and Servers

Today, software development process requires very good process organization, orchestration, automation, monitoring and so on. This is possible only by using the right tools and services

Visual Studio / Code, TFS, Git

Azure DevOps, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, SonarQube

Elastic Stack, Lucene, Hangfire, ADFS, IdentityServer

Office 365 , Teams , Slack, Trello

Kofax Scanning and Automation (Capture)

Metalogix Content Matrix (SharePoint Content Migration)

Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft MVP it come natural to explore the cloud computing on the Azure platform. I have always preferred the PaaS stack of the platform and have successfully finished several projects

IaaS, VM, Resources Management

PaaS, Azure Web App, App Service, Azure Functions

Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Database

Azure AD, Azure AD B2C

Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse



Secondary School

Comuper Science and Automation

I was attending DSEMU Gjorgji Naumov Secondary Schoool in my hometown Bitola. It was Technical Secondary School, with practical approach on computer science, networking, digital electronics, mathematics and logic and automation



Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science

I was attending St. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Electrotechnics and Computer Science. The Institute for Computer Science was my major path and I have attending classes like Mathematics and Logic, Programming Languages, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Database systems, Advanced Programing Techniques and so on.


Software Development

Participating in software development (coding) with the team of developers on back-end business critical components. Working on Software Architecture together with Senior Developers using latest technologies. Research for new technologies, frameworks, libraries and services and incorporating them into our development process.

Product Management

Product planning and product strategy. Involved in Design Thinking and Product Development Interviews with customers to collect feedback and improve product. Feature planning and development prioritization. Maintaining product log and ensuring the next version is released with highest value and quality. Planning customers upgrade schedule.


Ensuring the development process finish with execution of next release processes like, automated build and test. Usability and performance testing guidelines for QA Team. ALM, DLM and DevOps responsibilities like CI/CD Pipeline with integrations back to management tools and quality control scorecards.

Talent Management

Leadership, team organization and talent management. Weekly team meetings for knowledge transfer, education, new technologies and trends review. Responsible for identifying employee interest, skills, limits and boost motivation. Planning and communicating employee's next steps for improvement, education and conferences.

Certifications and Conferences


I have sucesfully passed these certifications:

February 2019

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

May 2012

Microsoft Professional Developer - SharePoint Server

April 2011

Microsoft Technology Specialist - SharePoint Server

December 2007

Microsoft Technology Specialist - SQL Server

August 2006

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer - For Microsoft .NET

January 2006

Microsoft Certified Application Developer - For Microsoft .NET

May 2005

Microsoft Certified Professional


I have attended these onsite training couses:

IT Mark / CMMI


Business English


These are some of the conferences (most recent) on which I have been a Speaker:

October 2008 - Microsoft Vizija

Building Applications and Services with .NET Framework 3.5 and WCF

April 2012 - Microsoft WinDays (Rovinj, Croatia)

SharePoint 2010 - Organize your organization

November 2013 SPC Adriatics (Zagreb, Croatia)

Developing Search-driven application in SharePoint 2013

October 2014 - SPC Adriatics (Zagreb, Croatia)

Automating SharePoint Deployments with PowerShell

March 2015 - Tarabica (Belgrade, Serbia)

Azure Storage Services Development

April 2016 - Microsoft WinDays (Porec, Croatia)

Azure Search for business applications

May 2016 - CodeCamp.MK

Indexing and searching Azure Storage Blobs with Azure Search

May 2017 - Collaboration Summit (Zagreb, Croatia)

Cloud-Only company with Office 365 and Azure AD

June 2017 - Macedonian SharePoint User Group

Office 365 Groups

May 2018 - Macedonian .NET User Group

Using Modern Authentication Mechanisms and Single Sign On for Web and Services

November 2018 - CodeCamp.MK

Azure Data Factory – modern integration in the cloud


[2018] Big Data Cloud Transfer
Role: Consultant / Architect / Azure Developer

Project should seamlessly transfer PyroLine sensors data from 10 cement factories to Azure Cloud and store on Azure SQL Data warehouse. The solution is development ad several decouples systems in order to support better scalability, performance and monitoring. Data is read from local SQL database in each of 10 factories, exported as CSV on certain period of time (10 minutes) and the transferred (uploaded) to Azure Storage. The Azure Function triggered on schedule is picking up these files from Azure Storage and start Azure Data Factory pipeline that is developed for data orchestration and transformation. ADF put data to Azure SQL Data warehouse as final destination. There are 10 billion records per year from 10 factories transfered and stored to Data Warehouse in the cloud.

.NET 4.5, SQL Server, Azure Storage, Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data warehouse
[2016-] Product: Expenses tracking and approval
Role: Product Manager / Architect

Expenses is an all-around intuitive software aiming for complete digitalization and automation of the expense approval and reporting processes within companies and organizations. The product offers:

  • Streamlined and automated expense tracking processes
  • Simplified expense creation and approval
  • Ease of use and traceability
  • Expenses data-analytics
  • Promotes expenditure transparency and control
  • Ability to forecast future reoccurring expenditures

ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, SQL Server, NHibernate, WCF, WebAPI, Mobile app
[2016] Refractory Management System
Role: Consultant / Architect / Developer

Software for easy management of PyroLine refractory process, visualization and calculation of refractory linings, quantities and costs. Specific logic related to Kiln refractory management process that is applied regularly to cement production factories. Benefits: Ease of data entry and evaluation, Visually appealing, Secure and Scalable, Data retention and Reports at glance, Refractory lifetime analysis and Cost control, Possibility for integration with production systems and data

.NET 4.5, WPF MVVM, SQL Server
[2012-] Product: Corporate Document Repository
Role: Product Manager / Architect

CDR is software product designed to improve the process of management and distribution of company official documentation that circulate in and out. This system simplifies and standardize the process of documents management, from receiving, listing, distributing to employees, managing permissions and search and closing their life-cycle. For many years the product was released in more than 15 versions, each adding additional functionality and features as a result of the feedback from our customers.

Web, MVVM, Knockout, jQuery, SQL Server, ADO.NET, WebAPI, Mobile App
[2011-2016] Loan Management System (banking)
Role: Architect, Product/Project Manager, Developer

Business Process Management application for Financial industry (Banking) that manage the execution of sales of financial (bank) products, like loans, mortgages, accreditives, guarantees, etc. The software solution cover complete process of collecting required documents from clients, review by bank employees, organizing and registering credit committee decisions and execution of payment. The Web Application is integration with SharePoint 2013, Core banking system and CRM. The solution implements logic for automatic task distribution based on employee current work load, that is required to support employees distributed environment, where front-office employees supply documentation and data to centralized processing location in central back office.

Web, AngularJS, JavaScript, SQL Server, NHibernate, WCF, SharePoint
[2013-] Telco billing post-processing and integrations
Role: Architect, Team Lead, Developer

Big Data SharePoint Farm designed in High-Availability scenario and Load Balanced for better performance, and a solution for Telecom Billing System post-processing. Telecom Billing system generate customer and corporate bills. These Invoices are PDF files that are stored on the SharePoint Server. Each month, ~ 1.000.000 Invoices are generated and uploaded in the separate Site Collection and dedicated Content Database on the server. The process uploads those files from multiple servers with a multi-threading application and manage to finish uploading in minimum amount of time. PowerShell scripts are created and scheduled once a month to create new SQL Database with capacity of around 400GB on the specific storage drive. SP Content Database is created in this DB and only one new Site collection inside to be a store for each month bills/invoices. Additionally, these generated invoices are accessible through custom web application that is receiving certain query parameters in order to filter invoices per customer, per account and so on. The Web app is then rendered as IFrame in telco CRM system from where employees access customer bills / invoices.

.NET, TPL, Web, SQL Server, ADO.NET, WCF, SharePoint
[2013-] Telco Service Forms management system
Role: Architect, Team Lead, Developer

The system is designed to solve the complete contract management process in the Telco. Starting from generating the contract like PDF on CRM request (with data supplied), then storing the PDF contract in the documents repository and linking with appropriate customer and service, and at the end offering this document back to CRM on employee request trough IFrame integrated Web App. The second part of the project is managing contract signatures by the clients and scanning back with intelligent Kofax Capture Server. The solution include development on top of Kofax Capture, identifying contracts and matching back signed one with the generated in the system.

.NET, SQL Server, ADO.NET, WCF, XML, XSLT, SharePoint
[2010-2016] Intranet Portal (SharePoint Publishing 2007, 2010, 2013)
Role: Architect, Team Lead, Developer

These Intranet portals are developed based on the client requirements, but most of them have standard functionalities like home page, page layouts, articles, news, announcements, search, my profiles, pools and surveys, calendars, etc. They are build on top of SharePoint Publishing Features, for definyng Master Pagees, Page Layouts, Branding Guidelines and Custom Functionalities developed in Web Parts with code-behind.

[2006-2008] Business Process Management System for Telecomunication Provider
Role: Developer

BPMS for large telecom operator for automation of internal business processes. Based on the SharePoint Portal Server is focused on improving complete corporate performance.

.NET, Workflow Foundation, SharePoint
[2006] eCabinet
Role: Developer

First version of the e-Cabinet product. Business Process Management System for the government ministries, agencies and central government. Preparation, approval and submission of draft acts. Review of acts on committee meetings and council of ministers meeting.

.NET, Workflow Foundation, SharePoint
[2005] Government eServices Portal
Role: Developer

Composed of farm of Public Portal servers, and Farm of Backend processing servers. Provides electronic public services to citizens, businesses and non-governmental organizations. Services are populated and approved by professional staff in the ministries and after that are available on the public portal

ASP.NET, SharePoint
[2005] SharePoint Collaboration Portal for Civil Aviation agency
Role: Developer

SharePoint Intranet Portal implementation that provides proprietary, enterprise-wide information to the employees as well as access to information such as suppliers, vendors, etc. This system simplifies communication between internal departments, allows information sharing, document collaboration and co-authoring

.NET, SharePoint


Macedonian .NET User Group

co-founder, ex-president

Back in 2008, me and couple of other friends and colleagues from other companies decided to officially start user group that target developers working with Microsoft technologies. We stated organizing User Group meetings once a month in Skopje. I was president of the User Group from 2011 till 2013 and was responsible for all organizational and official (administrative) operations

Macedonian SharePoint / Office 365 User Group


As Microsoft MVP for SharePoint Server, I founded sub-group targeting Office Server and later Office 365 platform. As this is not wide spread technology among developer community in Skopje, I worked to promote and gain popularity of SharePoint development

.NET Community Conference – CodeCamp

organization board

CodeCamp is one day free technical community conference organized by Macedonian .NET User Group. I’m part of the organization board for all of the 8 conferences organized so far back from 2009 until today. I was board executive for conferences in 2011 and 2012, managing the conference team for the complete process.

Faculty Student Union (2003-2004)


During my studies on the University, I candidate my self in a election for a president of the student union on my faculty. On the elections, together with my team of colleagues and friends, we were elected by the students to lead the student union for 2 years. My main duties were to represent students in front of the faculty board, protect their rights and opinions.

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